S’more magic

August 5 2015


When I arrived about fifteen people were packed in the tiny shelter, avoiding the downpour.Two previous thru-hiker, trail maintainers were doing s’mores trail magic for the hikers. It was pouring rain and they had a fire going.

I didn’t go far today. I should have moved on to the next shelter, but everyone was headed there. I needed a shelter spot more than good company. I didn’t have a tent at all now, so I stopped short with two older section hikers.I started calling them my trail dads because they gave me advice about an anonymous person I was calling Connecticut. Older gentlemen on the trail were surprisingly the most angry about my story. I wasn’t angry anymore, but they indignantly decided they didn’t like this Connecticut.

Trail Log:

. I am still wondering if I am healing or hurting.




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