Rutland and The Twelve Tribes

August 8 2015


Art festival

I spent the day resting and chatting with hikers. I was hanging out trying to heal my leg. Killington had me hurting and I was concerned again that I might be backsliding. My leg still wasn’t showing signs of improvement since I stopped using the anti-inflammatory.

I also went to get my new tent! I set it up outside and got lots of dirty looks from fellow hikers. It was a very nice tent. My dad and Alex bought and sent it to me when they heard my old tent was broken. They threw in a Mountain Hardware rain jacket to replace my funky frog toggs. Whiteflower didn’t have any rain gear, so I offered her the sad rain jacket. To my surprise…she took it, hiker funk and everything!

We spent the day in town eating rhubarb at the farmer’s market and poking around the local art festival. I hobbled around town in ridiculous hippie garb.

Later in the day Chewy, Hemingway, Tex and Yonder arrived at the Hostel. It was amazing to see Chewy again after so much distance. His crew was a lot of fun. I was glad to see him with a hiking family who had a similar walking style.

Later in the day, a pale Earth collapsed in the chair next to me. He looked over and said “See this?” A cotton ball stuck to his arm.

I saw a doctor and they say I have Lyme.

I couldn’t believe it. He couldn’t believe it. He told me he had a preventative shot against Lyme disease and that he thought they were wrong. I left Earth in Rutland after waiting a few days. I don’t know what happened after that. I hope he’s alright. I hope someday he will finish his walk if he didn’t get to continue.





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