NH/VT— Hanover, NH

August 15 2015

IMG_5496IMG_5498 IMG_5500

After a couple of awesome days, things only seemed to keep getting better. The walk was gentle into NH. Yonder and I wandered towards the border down the sidewalks of from VT towards Hanover, NH. I was pretty excited to get to one of the last states on this long journey. When I hit the 500 mile marker in Rutland, I cried for a good ten minutes. I knew I could get there. I thought about my first 500 miles and Sam. Getting to this sign reminded me of those first states I had crossed into. I was completely moved by the experience. Sure, the lines are mostly arbitrary and perhaps crossing the river was more moving than anything, but it had a special meaning that overwhelmed me.

I was happy, but I was also longing and sad. At this point all of my happiness reminded me of Flask. It reminded me of something else rather than what was. I struggled with this until Rangeley,  Maine.

In Hanover Yonder met up with his parents who invited me to dinner and let me stay with them in what is possibly the fanciest hotel I’ve ever been in. We sat in the hot tub in our hiker clothes and I felt like epic hiker trash. It was such a treat! Thank you Yonder and family for helping someone who needed a hand.


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