Trail Angels Randy and Linda

August 14 2o15


Daniel Quinn talked me into slack-packing the next section of trail to another trail angel’s house. First he made us amazing blueberry pancakes and told us travel stories. It was such a delightful way to spend the morning.

Then we were off, weightless, hiking over a small stretch of trail. I was avidly against slack-packing, and this is the only stretch in which I did not carry my backpack. By the time we got to Randy and Linda’s home, I was completely exhausted. I was extremely glad I didn’t have my backpack. It might have sent me home.

I pitched my tent in the yard and hobbled off to jump in the river. The bridge jump was rumored for a long time on trail and I had to do it! It took a lot of convincing to get Yonder to jump with me. I stood at the top looking down at the clear water. That familiar feeling of fear swept over me and I counted down. Then suddenly I flashed back to our skydive. One, two, three and I was falling through the air, looking out on the horizon from 10,000 ft.

Then the water knocked reality back into me. I laughed because I was alive and yelled to Yonder to jump. He really didn’t want to, and when he did I still think he wished he hadn’t. It was too bad.

We spent the night drinking and chatting with Randy on his porch. It was a pleasant night followed by an awesome breakfast of pancakes!!!!!

Thank you Randy & Linda for another great day on trail. ❤


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