Hitching backwards?

August 17 2015


We sadly did not get to meet the Ice cream man as he was out of town : (


Rocket Turtle and his gang, Rocket Turtle has one more section this year until he completes the AT!!!!

We were sad to miss the ice cream man, so we hitched into town. A ranger from the White Mountains picked us up and took us to Hanover and then drove us back to trail!!!! We went and got our free hiker pizza and a had a beer. As we were leaving I saw Fiddlehead walking down the road with her family, so I leaned out the window and yelled to her!!! It was exciting and disappointing at the same time! I was super happy to see her after having a conversation on the phone with her about staying on trail, but I was on a one way train back to trail…so I couldn’t even give her a hug \(^.^)/

In the evening we hiked to the top of a mountain and stayed right on top. A big bubble was moving thru so it was pretty crowded. They weren’t super friendly, which was really a shame.


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