Hikers Welcome Hostel


Today we walked to the Hikers Welcome Hostel. I needed my resupply box as this was our last stop before the White Mountains. The hostel fed us salad and milk. It was pretty full hostel by the end of the night. It got pretty rowdy with the party bubble hikers. It was a night of loud talking, fighting and large…unnecessary fires.

But! When we packed into the car to go to the gas station…I spied a familiar face. Sota’ Sam was walking inside as we parked, so I hopped out and ran to give him a hug. He had just completed the White Mountains southbound, so we wouldn’t be hiking near each other, but I was super glad to see him this last time before the end of trail. We chatted and hung out at the Hikers Welcome.

During the night someone stole Billy’s food bag. Sam told me in the morning, so we searched for it, finding out that a skunk, a big one, had dragged the food bag behind the bunkhouse and had a party.



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