Lights in the Sky and Dancing Bones



Yonder and I climbed over Mt. Cube and wandered down a random road to the local swimming hole. It was hot and town was crowded with a big bubble of hikers, so we stopped at the lake for a few hours.

Afterwards we headed towards the Dancing Bones eco-community village. We walked a mile and a half down a dirt road and took right up to the village. It was like a ghost town. Eventually a few kids wandered down and said hi. They brought down an adult who told us where we could camp and showed us the showers. The vibe was not as energetic as I had imagined it would be. We barely saw anyone.

The campsite was in a big circular grassy area that looked as if it had once been a cultural hub. A burnt down, collapsed structure was next to us. It was a little eerie to be in a seemingly abandoned place when I had expected to interact with a community.

That night we had clear stars and they were still falling from the meteor shower. So Yonder and I chatted while we watched the stars. Then, the sky started lighting up with weird purple flickers. It looked like heat lightning without the clouds. The flashes of purple continued for a long time and Yonder tried to convince me that it was aliens.

We found out later that the purple flashes we had seen were the Northern Lights.


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