Navigating Trail Magic


We took a couple days off in Lancaster and stayed with the Twelve Tribes again. I really enjoyed being with the cult. I don’t have much to say here, because we were resting. Lots of hikers passed through. I met tunes; tunes was pretty awesome!

I met Samwise again a few days after he finished trail (we originally met in Mass.). He was heading home, but he was having this dilemma of seeing Dirty Peanut before he left. I told him he might never see her again and that he should probably go to Gorham to say goodbye, even if it cost him his ride to Boston.

I enjoyed watching him make his decision. As we were being dropped back off on trail, he hopped in the van, last second, and got off in Gorham. The two embraced each other with running hugs as we drove away. I don’t think he made the most practical decision, but it seemed like the right one. It gave me some hope. It’s the little things that are so very big in life. Those stupid, spontaneous and often reckless things that can change the underlying direction for all practical decisions that follow. I think that this might be the origin of Trail Magic.


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