Looking back at the Presidential Range from Wildcats

Trail Log:

Sunset on Carter’s Dome: To Flask

If there were one moment I wish I could share with you- this would be it. The distant mountains are dark blue outlines in the haze of twilight. I know you stood here and looked out over this view.

Somehow, looking out here from this perspective, I know that everything will be alright. I’m not worried about seeing you again or making that happen because I know it will happen. Without a doubt or a plan- I will see you again. We both saw this same sight and although you aren’t here right now— we shared this experience.

For the first time I know that everything will be ok.

I can’t wait for us to know each other.

This sunset reminds me of my first backpack on the east coast. My dad and I hiked Joyce Kilmer in the fall. I remember how different hiking was then. How differently I thought of it and how differently I approached it. Thru-hiking has no foreseeable end and no determined plan because of the duration. Hiking was set before. We hiked to destinations and walking was not something I was used to doing.  It was once different from everyday life.

Now I just drift with it.




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