Mahoosuc Notch




I had a bad night before the notch. I camped out in the woods, as far as I could get from everyone. I wanted to keep walking, but I knew what was ahead. I left before sunrise in the morning. I caught the sunrise on top of the mountain and wandered towards the Notch. It is rumored to be the hardest mile on the AT. I yelled and laughed and frolicked through it’s caverns. I had a lot of fun in the notch. I used my trekking poles like little hooks and pulled my way through. I did it alone. I didn’t see a single person in the notch that day.

I climbed over the next mountain and walked down to the next gap. Some tourists fed me watermelon, and I climbed up to the next shelter. I stopped early to wait for Yonder, who passed  by me and went on over the next mountain thinking I had done a big day. I picked up a pest at this shelter named Chords. He haunted me on trail for the next week or so…he was by far the creepiest hiker I encountered on trail. He only left when I started hiking with Lift N Step.

I met Chesapeake, Tink and Horse today!

Trail Log:

Sunrise and the Notch

I told him I was going and I went. He told me he didn’t care. I believed him, but he lied.

Why did he lie?

Why does he pretend?

This is what happens when people don’t communicate.

I am so sad. I wish it would stop. I have to pull through this, as usual I pull through this alone. I should be getting better at this, but the world just keeps beating me up.



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