The Cabin, Andover



The Bald Peats

I caught Yonder this morning. He was waiting with Dabs and Six 12 at the next Shelter. It was a foggy, cold morning. The guys were hanging out, waiting around, listening to music. It was nice to see them all in good spirits. I was genuinely worried about Yonder, so it was a happy moment to see him laughing with friends.

We walked to the next road crossing together to meet up with Yonder’s friend who had trail magic set-up. We sat for a long time and chatted with them. hey fed us burgers and beers. This was the person that named Yonder, the person who made him come to life on trail. For me, being named was a rite of passage. It made me wonder about Moonbow and Lightning Bug; someone told me they stopped hiking in the Whites.

We managed to hitch a ride to town in the back of a pick-up. I followed the guys to town because I was told that we were invited to The Cabin. The Cabin was a very nice hostel, run by very kind people. But the party bubble was there in force. It turned out that we were not invited. This was not a party place.

I’d like to formally apologize for the actions of hikers who stayed at The Cabin, especially those of you who did not pay. It was nothing less of a shit show.



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