Trail Magic Tortoise



Dabs, Tortoise, Captain, Six12

The next day I walked off bright and early. I climbed up over Old Blue and trekked onward. I wanted to make it a great distance today. It was  a lovely hike over solid rock and through mud bogs. I was always baffled to find a mud bog on top of a mountain. I ate my fill in blueberries today.

I wanted to make it to the lake just before Rangeley, but got caught again at trail magic. Tortoise was there again, on a logging road just before the highway crossing. Six12 started playing frisbee and it was all over. We had an awesome campsite, and Tortoise wanted to have a big grill out for his last night in the woods. We went on a booze run to town and drove out through the timber mining area.

It was a strange perspective of Maine. To walk through it’s wilderness, then drive out to find everything stripped and sold. It was similar to walking through the farmlands in Virginia.

Later in the evening we drove out to a lake, mostly because we got lost coming back to camp, and watched the sunset!

It was a fun night, but I was really done with the party at this point. Many thanks to Tortoise for the awesome trail magic! I’ve never had a trail angel camp out with hikers, that was too cool!



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