Rangeley, Maine


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I took off in the fog this morning. I was feeling more exhausted than usual because we’d been staying up late. I usually slept at 9pm every night and woke at sunrise. These guys stayed up until midnight, but I still got up at 5:30 am.

I didn’t see a single hiker today. It was lightly raining all day. I passed the lake with the canoes. I thought about taking one out, but they all seemed…questionable and it was raining. I was pretty sad, because I really couldn’t justify taking a canoe out by myself. I was thinking about Flask today, as he had told me he might go back to Rangeley to do some work for stay. I was so convinced that he might be there, as he had finished trail already.

I sat and cried, then cheered myself up with a sort of mindfulness. The loons were out serenading me, so as usual, I transcended my emotions with nature. What an incredible place to take for granted. I realized how incredibly fortunate I was to be there, sitting on a beach in Maine, listening to the loons echo as the fog danced and swirled over the lake.

I walked out to the road crossing for Rangeley and encountered more trail magic. I met superman, king of the trail bros. I wasn’t a huge fan of trail frats, so I politely talked with them, keeping a safe distance. I was lucky enough to be rescued by the owner of the Farmhouse Inn, the hostel I had arranged to stay at! I waited five minutes and he arrived. I scampered into the truck and anxiously arrived in Rangeley, Maine.

I loved the Farmhouse. Thank you!!!! Thank you! Thank you!!!

Although…I was completely heartbroken that Flask wasn’t there. He never planned on being there. He went home; he didn’t even tell me the day he climbed Mama K. I didn’t know what to think, so I grabbed a Shel Silverstein book off a bookshelf and read it as a distraction. I read and listened all night as the loons sang out on Rangeley Lake.



I took a day off in Rangeley to recover from my exhausting week. I needed a day of peace and quiet after all the parties. It was hard enough walking. To party and walk was too much for me.

I kept to myself for most of the day. I went to town and had some coffee, did laundry, resupplied, bought a disposable camera (the rest of my pictures are on expired film), I got new hiking poles!!!! from my parents, switched to Aquamira since my filer was clogged and wrote poetry.

Today I met Lift N Step, who hiked most of the trail from here to Monson with me.

I made a post of my poem in Rangeley, and I think that it would be best to re-share it. It was most certainly inspired by Shel Silverstein’s, Where The Sidewalk Ends. I addressed it to my mom, who I wished for more than ever, and wrote it for Flask, who had originally taken the trail name Loon.





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