The Crockers and 2,000 Miles




We got up early and climbed the Crockers today! The sun was out and everything was super clear after the rain. Throughout this section I was reminded of western trails because we had steep rocky climbs up vertical faces and views at talus slopes.

From the top of the Crockers we didn’t get much of a view, which was mostly disappointing. We had a good snack and discussed going into town later to eat a nice celebration dinner.

At the bottom of the mountain we found a really nice break spot. We sat there a long time watching the sunlight filter in through the trees. We had no idea that we were about 20 feet from the 2,000 mi marker (there were several). I was pretty stoked to hit 2,000 and it reminded me of 1,000 mi when I was hiking with Bloop Bleep and Just Mike.


It was weird to get memories of trail while being on trail. Life seemed so extended. It was as if I had lived several lives over the past six months.

After the marker we went into Stratton Maine to stay with another hostel owned by the Farmhouse Inn. This hostel was much more down to earth. It was old and grungy, and I loved it. The town barely existed, but they had beer and food!!!! All the guys were doing work for stay at the Farmhouse and came over for the night.


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