The Bigelows



12002986_10153239185062711_9221260518697267718_n 12004874_10153239184967711_2692088673998924819_n 12046657_10153239186232711_5035129255405669105_n12049410_10153239187182711_7966726147724100812_n x153367-00312003378_10153239184632711_6417447132746593645_n12031996_10153239188392711_4569336577761243974_n12043168_10153239190382711_1626883929977977998_n12046811_10153239186207711_3062681419757008565_n12046970_10153239189737711_5508803769658932192_n12047136_10153239188297711_4698494249997510884_nx153367-006x153367-007x153367-009x153367-012x153367-013x153367-015

These mountains were by far some of my favorites on trail. We had a warm, clear, sunshine glorious kind of day.

Yonder, Lift N’ Step and I hiked out of town today. We all decided to climb the mountain at our own pace because it was intense. This was one of my first great views of Maine. When we got to the top of the mountain I sat there for two hours soaking up the sunshine.

That night Yonder and I stayed at the campground up in between the peaks. After awhile up came Lift N’ Step!!!! We cowboy camped on the group camping platform because it was deserted. We couldn’t find any water, so we all shared. The stars were incredible, but it was a cold night on the mountain. Fall was certainly coming.


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