Crossing the Kennebec River


Pictures from Lift N’ Step

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My phone died in the cold nights towards the end of trail and I took the last of my film pictures at breakfast (they didn’t turn out)!

We hiked across a bridge of logs and palettes half sunken in the mud back to trail. It was a lovely walk to the Kennebec River laden with picturesque waterfalls. When we got to the river we watched as the ferry canoed across to get us. Yonder had already crossed and was waiting on the other side. Lift N’ Step and I climbed in and paddled across the wide river.

On the other side we hitched a ride to Caratunk and rented a four person tent at the resort. In the afternoon Yonder’s old hiking buddy Tattoo caught up with us! We hitched a ride to the nearest gas station and bought a ton of cheap beer, walked to a nearby rafting company and had dinner on the cheap. The resort was too pricey for all of us and attracted a crowd we didn’t really want to hang with.

We met a guide ending his rafting season who offered us a ride back to the resort. He was living out of his car, so we did a little re-arranging and crammed into his tiny mobile house.

That night I got pretty drunk and rummaged through the woods to find what little wood I could so we could have a fire. We celebrated Yonder’s reunion with Tattoo! I was super happy that Yonder now had a hiking buddy too. He seemed like he really needed his friend. We had a fun hiking group from Caratunk to Monson, where Lift N’ Step officially finished her previous thru-hike!!!!



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