Trail Horror Story: The Worm


12112317_1063010967056457_4484174579181644526_n river ford


Today was great. Lovely hiking and awesome views! We did some calm stream crossings today. Maine is gorgeous. I could stay here forever.

In the evening I met a hiker named Hollywood who gave me a note. It was a message from my friends who had finished in the beginning of the month. It was very sweet to get a note from them after feeling pretty forgotten. Hollywood seemed really tired, he’d been delayed a bit due to injury so we didn’t really get to chat.

I gathered damp, rotting wood from the forest and tried to get a decent fire going. It took so long to get started that I went to bed soon after it was going. I crawled into my tent and snuggled in for the night. I read my note a few times and then fell asleep. I head a faint crinkling of a plastic bag as I fell asleep. I thought maybe it was a mouse on my fly, but I was sure that my zippers were tightly closed.

In the middle of the night I woke, from a deep sleep to a strange sensation. I felt something in my ear. Without thinking I brushed my hand along my ear to find something slimy half submerged in my ear. Instantly I grabbed the handful of something and threw it into the darkness. I gave out an involuntary yelp. I grabbed my headlamp and clicked on the light to see this larger than life, little arms grubbing, black bulging eyes, giant maggot looking worm inching towards me. I grabbed it and yelled again, flinging it out of my tent and weeping.

I figure the cold 20 degree weather must have driven it into the warmth of my ear, and I probably picked it up gathering the rotted wood for the fire. For the next few days I was singing Hey You by Pink Floyd.





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