Lift N’ Step finishes her Thru-hike, Monson


12004719_10153239158887711_8291790800458355670_n12004726_10153239158337711_2823987390335333420_n12004824_10153239188302711_4261573274375160585_n12042914_10153239189937711_1935848836665986548_n12042960_10153239190142711_3069870348255626046_n12043106_10153239190087711_155677709018083839_n 10592687_10153239154482711_1518309214801550363_n

We had a short hike to town in the morning. Lift N’ Step and I walked out to the AT crossing on the highway and caught a ride into Monson with an Australian tourist. He was from a place very near to where Lift N’ Step was from and offered her a ride to the city. We all had lunch together and said a quick goodbye. She was gone so suddenly that it was difficult for my brain to register.

Congratulations Lift N’ Step!!!!! It was inspiring to hear about how you were taken from trail and had the guts to get on where your group was in the face of not finishing the entire AT. Then you came back and shared an adventure with me! You are amazing. I’m so glad that I met you ❤

Yonder, Tattoo and I hitched to a grocery store and got supplies for the 100 mile wilderness. We bought a drop bucket and put some extra supplies in it, but I ended up giving most of those away as Flask met me in the middle of the wilderness.

We left Monson and found a tiny stealth site just up trail.


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