Antlers Campsite with Flask



I defrosted my frozen hands by a campfire this morning. I walked on ahead of everyone. I remember my hands being swollen from the cold. My face was puffy, and I was nervous to see Flask again. He was hiking sobo from Jo-Mary road. I climbed over a mountain and on the way down I saw Flask. He looked strange in his nice clothing. He had on a new fleece and smelled clean. He looked like a different person, but I recognized his pack.

He handed me an apple and we tried to hug each other. It took us a good couple tries to realize that we were stretching our arms around two backpacks. It was like two turtles trying to hug. Eventually we realized we could take our packs off.

We walked together back to his car at Jo-Mary road and he unloaded two grocery bags of snacks. I was overwhelmed because I was starving. I had eaten all of my snacks and the ones in my resupply bin were obviously not enough to get me out of the 100 mi. wilderness. I was carrying stale English muffins and a few other awful food items which Flask traded out for amazing snacks.He brought things I had never eaten on trail, so it was like thanksgiving in the woods.

Yonder and Tattoo left a note on the truck saying goodbye, so I had mixed feelings about the day. I was excited to see Flask, but I was alone again in the long run.I usually reveled in being alone, but it seemed impossible to get away from people in the 100 mile wilds. All the hikers slowed way down and crowded the campsites.

Flask and I walked to antlers campsite and watched the full harvest moon rise over the lake. The sky was deep pink and blue. It was a nice night. We made plans to see each other after trail and in the morning walked opposite ways.

I found the world’s smallest pine cone which I slipped into Flask’s pocket when he left.




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