Mother Earth at Abol Bridge



Cinderella and Keychain show off their shoes ^_^


I have all my toenails in this picture!


jumping on the bed….this is what beds are for right?


2,180 miles of dirt, blood, sweat, hiker funk. That hotel room smelled something fierce.

I hiked out to Abol in the morning. I remember planning this meet-up point before I started walking. I remember imagining this place and wondering if I would come there with friends or alone.

I imagined it nothing like it was, but the reality was beyond expectation…as usual.

I walked the road up to the tiny country store and bought a coffee. I sat there for awhile in the cold sprinkles of rain. Hunters came and went, each one giving me mixed glances. I watched them pull in and show off their kills. Huge creatures, towering limbs of brown crammed onto trailers. It was strange to see the moose (meeses hehe…) in the wilds, then to see them laid out on trailers. It was so amazing to even see a moose up close that I wasn’t phased by the blood and contorted looks of fear left empty in their eyes. I sat on the picnic table until Mother Earth and Kevin arrived.

They brought me Birthday presents, long needed hugs and most importantly…a box of Tim Horton donuts.Evidently this pick-up spot was down the Golden Road…a twenty mile wash-board dirt road. My parents were driving an unreliable Prius knockoff, so the ride to town was rather humorous. We slid all over in the mud, dodging logging trucks and hunters.

When we arrived in town it started pouring. The rain didn’t let up for days, so I waited…anxious that the mountain might get snow and close for the season or that the road might become impassable.

The next day I was worried, so I called Yonder and Tattoo to invite them to our hotel for the night. I found them drenched, walking by the side of the road. When we got back to the hotel we ran back and forth in our underwear/hiking clothes between the pool and sauna.

I spent the day watching it storm. I wanted to hike that last bit into Baxter and the guys agreed to do it, mostly out of concern I think. The regular trail was flooded and it was in the weather report to rain 10 inches on Oct. 1, but we tried it anyhow.


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